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What is Notice Writing
Notice Writing Format with examples

Notice writing: Notice writing is an official type of communication. The objective of notice writing is to bring a certain piece of information to the attention of a group of individuals. Typically, they are posted in any public spot where the relevant parties may read them. It is a prevalent technique of communication.

Notice Writing Format for Class 12, 11, 10, 9 in 2022

Notice Writing Format : In addition to its conventional meaning, notice has legal consequences and is often employed in the context of legislation (such as legal notice, actual notice, constructive notice etc.) Nevertheless, we will examine the idea of "NOTICE" from an educational standpoint. In this post, we will examine how to write notifications, as well as key principles and advice. In addition, we will investigate circumstances that merit the deployment of a notice. Also, we shall examine the components or pieces that comprise a notice.

Notice Writing – Important Tips and Guidelines

Here are some key rules and suggestions about Notice Writing Format:

  • The title must include "NOTICE" in all capital letters.
  • The name of the entity issuing the notice must be included.
  • A brief header is also required. It must be descriptive of the specified material
  • The date must be given as well
  • The body of the notice must concisely express the notice's purpose, conditions, and any pertinent information or facts. Additionally, it must be succinct but exhaustive.
  • The notice must conclude with the name, signature, and title of the author/person responsible for sending the notice.
  • Other data, such as the event's date, location, eligibility requirements, and procedure, must not be ignored. Ideally, the reader should comprehend the purpose of the notice at a glance. thereafter planning a path of action (if required).
  • Lastly, check the document for typographical and grammatical errors. Additionally, verify that the text of the notice is clear.

Exam Marking Criteria for Notice Writing

  • Format              :   01
  • Content             :   02
  • Expression        :   01
  • Total                 :   04

Latest Notice Writing Format 2022

Name of the Issuing Agency/Authority




(Subject or Title)

Body/Content of the Notice




5 Notice Writing Template/Formats Examples

 Q1. You are Puneet / Poonam, Secretary Ambedkar. You are going to organize a blood donation camp. Try to get members of your society to come in large numbers for this serious reason. Invent all the necessary details. Write notices around 60 words.

Ambedkar Society




The OPD will host a blood donation camp on April 26, 202X, beginning at 02:00 at the social hall. There will be trained physicians accessible to do the procedure. Residents between the ages of 22 and 55 with a healthy medical history are encouraged to volunteer in big numbers for this noble cause.

Puneet / Poonam

(Secretary, OPD)

Q2. As Principal of Sant Hari Dass International Public School, Delhi, draft the notice in no more than 60 words to notify the students about the change in school timings with effect from 23rd March.

Sant Hari Dass International Public School, Delhi



Change School Timing(Subject of the Notice) 

Notification is thus provided that, owing to the approach of summer, the school hours will be from 4 am to 12 pm and 5 pm to 4 pm, and that students should be present on time from 2 March onwards. Students travelling from a distance should also be there on time, as well as students who live nearby..


(School Head)

Q3. A notice should not be more than 50 words written by the captain of class 10th of Pratham/Pallavi, Akash International Public School, Dholakpur. Write on your school notice board that the students will celebrate the annual function they want to participate in.

Akash International Public School, Dholakpur


20th December, 20XX  

Celebrate Annual Function(Subject of the Notice)

All of the students have been told that the notice school will be held on December 25, 20XX, annually. Students who want to join should tell the captain of their class by December 20, 20XX.


(Head Girl)

Q4. (About Notice Writing Format)

Sunflower school Hyderabad


Date:30 November 2019

Venue:Sunflower International Sr. Sec. Public School

Inter School Discussion

Eligible participants include representative students and instructors from the school in the city of Hyderabad. Interested parties must register with the undersigned no later than December 20, 2019.



Preeti Mohan

Q5. (About Notice Writing Format)

ABC Public School


Date: 15th January 20XX

Trip to a biscuit factory

The school will organise a field trip to the Bonbon Biscuit Factory on January 15 from 9:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. for all eighth-grade students in order to expand their understanding of the production process. This will be an interactive, guided tour during which you will discover how cookies are manufactured and how a factory runs. The excursion charge is INR 50 per person, which includes lunch and refreshments. Students who are interested are required to submit payment and permission sheets to the instructor.


Head Girl

Deepali Singhal

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